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Be the Light for ALS 

Calling All Yoga Studio in Phoenix area

Help us host an event! Accept the challenge and spread gratitude and happiness through yoga. Better yet focus on the fruit of your action to bringing awareness and supporting the ALS foundation; the patient and families affected by this disease.

Whether it’s big or small, taking those first steps towards making a positive change, we can all make the difference to the people we cross paths with, and that is something to really be excited about.

When you do good, it feels good!

Donate directly to:

Be the Light for ALS









Moving Beyond Trauma w/ Kelsey Lawrence + Katie Jones


2 pm-430 pm

Is your body holding on to trauma?
Do you experience chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, infertility, post traumatic stress, hair loss, depression, or other dis-ease?

The energy from past traumatic experiences can get stuck in the physical body. This energy (trauma) continues to vibrate at a low frequency, thus affecting physical, mental, and emotinal health.

This makes sense, since we are made up of vibrating energy particles.
It also makes sense that we can RELEASE this trauma and improve our quality of living.

What would it FEEL like to live without dragging the past around with you?

Join Kelsey Marie & Katie Jones for this game changer event and experience the power of Core Stress Release Yoga combined with the many restorative benefits of Yoga Nidra Meditation.

This workshop is specifically geared towards releasing trauma from the body so that you can finally live FREE & CLEAR of the past.

$30, OR bring a guest and you both pay only $25!

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