Surya’s Monthly Theme

IMG_5450Surya’s monthly theme consists of a new topic every month that teaches you how to integrate the healing benefits of yoga into your life. The topics are introduced in the classes, practiced in the poses, and then put into action in your life. The blogs are written by Surya Teachers and extracted from their personal practice. Check them out below!





March 2018: A Message in a Bottle Body

February 2018: Love

January 2018: FREEDOM

December 2017: Self-Study (Svadyaya)

November Theme: Karma

October Theme: Non-Attachment and Surrender

September Theme: Moving Beyond Trauma

August Theme: What am I thankful for?

July Theme: Honoring The Divine Feminine

June Theme: Finding Humility

May Theme: Gratitude

April Theme: New Beginning

March Theme: The Power of Repetition

February Theme: Honoring the True Self by Kat Bugbee

January Theme: Commit to Svadhyaya by Amy Diamondstein

December Theme: Finding Your Belief, Igniting Your Fire by Sara Wolf

November Theme: A Practice of Gratitude by Jeanne Staron

October Theme: Creating Present Joy by Katie Jones

September Theme: Grow With Us

July Theme: Thank You

July Theme: How Surya Came To Be