Meet Our Team

Kelsey Lawrence, RYT 200

Kelsey discovered her passion for yoga in 2009 after suffering from an eating disorder. She found peace and purpose through her yoga practice, and looks to help others find the same healing power of yoga. Kelsey graduated from Inner Vision Yoga in 2014 and specializes in Yoga Nidra and relaxation meditation. She considers herself a nature lover and says she is “slightly obsessed with trees”, they remind her how we are all deeply rooted with nature. Kelsey enjoys helping others discover the peace and calm that already lies within.



Angella Tortorici, RYT 200

Angella’s first experience with yoga was when she was only 12 years old. “I practiced on and off, and I even dabbled with Kundalini yoga. Then, on the beautiful, healing islands of Hawaii, I was introduced to Bikram Yoga.” Angella’s real yoga journey began when she moved to AZ in 2010. Although experiencing a major transition and being so far from home, she found support and love through the local yoga community. With a strong yoga practice, she once again found balance in life, and was able to connect to her true purpose. Angella completed her 200 hour YTT at Dave and Cheryl’s Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Scottsdale in February of 2014. She then continued her training at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, where she completed the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in 2016. Her education included Reiki, Holistic Nutrition Coaching, and Yoga Nidra. “I believe yoga can help transform and break barriers. Yoga helps you to reconnect to your Higher Self. Yoga has brought me to pure states of bliss. All I want to do is share this beautiful gift with everyone around me!” Angella is registered with the Yoga Alliance as RYT 500. She is a Yoga Nidra Facilitator, and offers Holistic Nutrition Coaching.



 Amy Diamondstein, RYT 200

41_mobileAmy’s journey into Yoga began as a student at At One Yoga in 2004. Practicing daily, Amy almost immediately realized the physical and emotional benefits that Yoga brought to her life. Over the next decade, Amy learned primarily from Alex Austin, Jenn Chiarelli, John Salisbury, Desiree Lapre, Hillary Ryan, and Anton Mackey. Amy graduated as a Licensed Massage Therapist from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2011 and from Anahata Soul’s Yoga Teacher Training in 2013. Amy is passionate about using the healing arts to transform pain and dis-ease that gets stuck in the physical body into new, healthy Life Force Energy. In her yoga classes, she focuses on staying connected to Breath as a medicinal technique of clearing and cleansing energy. Amy believes that linking breath with movement, accompanied by vibrant music, is one of the most amazing ways to completely restore the physical body, the mind, and the spirit.

Jeanne Staron, RYT 200, Yoga Therapy Practitioner 


Through the teachings of yoga, Jeanne has witnessed the power of the mind-body connection. The movement of energy throughout the body allows us to better respond to the ebbs and flows of life.
Whether it is taking a deep breath in traffic, or practicing moments of mindfulness during your day, she believes the real yoga happens off the mat. She is humbled and grateful to yoga’s life-changing benefits in her own life. Jeanne’s attuned awareness of the world around her can be seen through her yoga teachings. Her classes are adaptive and fluid as she brings her students to their edge while giving them the space to fully embrace their inner beauty and strength. Jeanne is registered as RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance. Her classes are Hatha based, including gentle, flow, yin and restorative. She is a certified Yoga Nidra facilitator trained in the official Amrit Method.

Azreen Rahman, RYT 200


Azreen started practicing Baptiste Power Yoga in 2008 and has since incorporated Ashtanga, Yin, and Kundalini into her personal practice.

Initially, Yoga started as a physical practice for Azreen, but as she continued on her yoga journey and began to dive deeper into understanding the yoga philosophies it evolved into a much deeper connection and purpose. “It was during the transformation of my body, mind, and spirit that I was inspired to share this practice with others.”

She received her 200-hour yoga teacher training from Inner Vision Yoga in 2015. Azreen is registered with Yoga Alliance and is CPR and First Aid certified.


Linner Lozada, RYT 200


Linner discovered yoga in 2012 when she was in the search for a physical practice to keep her body healthy. She tried Pilates and other different fitness classes but when she took her first yoga class, her life changed in so many ways.  She discovered the deeper benefits of yoga and it gave her so much more than she expected. Linner explored many different yoga styles including flow, power vinyasa, rocket, dharma, gentle restorative, yin, aerial yoga (Aero Yoga) , rush, kundalini and ashtanga. She had the opportunity to practice and learn from great teachers like Alexandra Knafo (founder of All You Can Yoga) and Yoshio Hama and Maryangel Ruiz (Teachers at Dharma Yoga Center New York, with Sri Dharma Mittra). She took different studies to compliment her yoga training. She received her certificate at Thetahealer (ThetaHealing Technique created by Vianna Stibal) and Art therapy with mandalas. She received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training from Urban Yoga and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Tuesday Werner, RYT 500, Owner


Tuesday Werner is the owner of Surya Yoga and Wellness. Tuesday earned her 500-hour certification through Yoga Pura in 2006. Her passion for yoga began around that time and she immediately knew she wanted to share this powerful practice with others. She is a nurse practitioner and loves taking care of her patients and loves to teach academically as well.

Tuesday is honored to be a part of Surya Yoga community and to be able to do more services to others through yoga practices. She is a certified Yoga Nidra facilitator trained in the official Amrit Method.

Tuesday spends as much of her free time as possible with family, enjoying outdoors, taking pictures, hiking, and sometimes surfing the Internet.


Tara Jo Schmeling, RYT 500

Tara began practicing yoga in 2010 while rehabbing a back problem.  She was very apprehensive about the practice but thankfully landed in the class of a very experienced teacher, both personally and professionally.  Tara felt completely at ease and safe in class and she strives to create that same safe place for all her students, no matter what their ability or experience level.  “If you can breath, you can do yoga.”  Tara took her 500 hour teacher training in 2014 and her Yoga Nidra Facilitator Training in 2015.  Tara is thankful every day for the physical and mental benefits of yoga.  The tools of yoga have helped her tremendously in dealing with a chronic spinal problem.  Safety is her number one priority in classes and she utilizes a number of props to help her students access poses in ways that work for their individual bodies.  Tara strives to demonstrate how the techniques that are practices ON the mat can be taken OFF the mat into our everyday lives.  She has taught chair yoga and cat yoga!!