Do you have a special for first time students?

Yes, your first class is $10! You then have the option to purchase our New Client Special, 40 days unlimited for $40 (must purchase same day as first class).

What are the types of classes you offered?

We offer variety of classes that are perfect to every individual needs. Click for description of classes.

I already belong to a gym. Do I need this too?

Surya Yoga and Wellness prides itself in being an integrative wellness studio, which is much more than a gym. Not only will you gain flexibility, strength, and stamina in our classes, but you will also gain skills in how to approach life in a more peaceful way.

Do I need to sign up online in advance?

No, just show up 10-15 minutes early for your class and we will get you settled in. If you have a mat, please bring it. If you don’t, we’ve got you covered. If you prefer to sign up online, click here!

How is Surya Yoga and Wellness different from other studios?

Surya Yoga and Wellness is an integrative wellness studio, which means we offer much more than yoga classes. We believe that in order to truly heal, you have to heal the whole being. Our studio offers services ranging from yoga classes to integrative therapy to energy balancing massage so that you have the opportunity to explore deeper than you would in a regular studio. With individualized sessions, you can create goals from the physical to the spiritual level and have support all along the way. If you’ve ever been interested in personal growth, fulfillment, and a deep sense of wholeness, then this studio is right for you.