Energy Work


This powerful healing practice works to heal the whole person–mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Using a combination of yoga postures, guided meditation, intuit, and energy healing, yoga therapy works to clear out any “off” feeling that might be holding you back. This one-on-one practice can result in resolution of past experiences, a shift in self-defeating habits and thinking patterns, and a deep sense of contentment and trust. Pricing: 1 session $135 | 3 sessions $390 | 6 sessions $720 Meet yoga therapy practitioner, Jeanne Staron “Yoga has changed my life. What began as an asana practice, has dared me to live my life differently, more consciously. I am humbled every day by the simplicity and beauty of this ancient practice and continue to witness and experience its transformative effects.” According to Jeanne, there is not always an easy path and like many, she has stumbled and has been challenged along the way. Her personal yoga journey is a constant reminder of why we call it “practice,” for what we do off our mats has far larger rewards than what we do in class. Yoga is an invitation to live life more fully and authentically, with courage, vulnerability and mindfulness. Life can be beautiful but it can also be messy and raw. The science of yoga and its many limbs has taught Jeanne the importance of movement, presence and breath as tools to access and release limiting thoughts and blocked energy within the mind and body. “As I learned to tap into the flow of energy and trust the Divine wisdom within me, I realize this is a gift to be shared. My intention is to create a safe space for my students to seek clarity and balance to improve the quality of their lives.”


Life is full of transitions and change, and there are times when one can truly benefit from a life coach. A life coach helps you step into your possibilities and move forward towards your desired best outcome. Why would I benefit from a Life Coach? Our life coaches help their clients get clear about what they truly desire, and then take the appropriate action steps to get there. Coaching is about action and accountability. Life Coaching sessions are up to 90 minutes and done via phone, Skype, or in person. Pricing: 1 session $135 | 3 sessions $345 | 6 sessions $600


Using various types of massage therapies, the Energy Balancing Massage will help you release stuck tension in the body and mind. We recognize stress in the body manifests from the stressors of life. This massage will help you let go of all of it. Pricing 60 minutes: 1 session $75 | 3 sessions $216 | 6 sessions $420 Pricing 90 minutes: 1 session $111 | 3 sessions $324 | 6 sessions $624 Meet massage therapist, Amy Diamondstein

Amy became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2012, graduating from the Southwest Institute in Healing Arts. Each healing session she offers combines massage therapy, energy work, and breath work, while each important client has a treatment plan customized to assist your body in healing itself. Amy offers Therapeutic Massage, Pre-Natal Massage, Auriculotherapy for Life Change, Thai Foot Massage, East Indian Head and Face Massage, and Lymphatic Massage. Body work is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves as these treatments provide a release of toxicities stuck in the body…and the effects are felt not just in the body but also in the mind and the spirit. As we honor Body, Mind, and Spirit, we also honor Human Kind, and our innate ability to heal ourselves and each other. To schedule a session for any of the above services, email

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